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Balík: cmucl-source (20a-20090928-2)

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The CMUCL lisp sources

These are the CMUCL sources, provided so that the debugger can show useful source information at appropriate times.

This version includes common-lisp-controller compatible replacements for defsystem, graystream, clx and hemlock.

defsystem provides a "make" type system for Lisp. This is a patched version from clocc.

Gray streams are the usual Lisp streams, but re-implemented as a Object hierarchy. Users can subclass existing classes and adapt them for their own needs.

cmucl-clx is the clx library adapted for CMUCL. clx is an interface to X11, just like xlib.

Hemlock is an emacs clone for CMUCL.

Note that this version only works in X, the tty interface is broken: the system can't parse /etc/termcap.

To open the editor, type "(ed)".

Note that to recompile CMUCL you need a working CMUCL system :-(

Značky: Software Development: Compiler, Lisp Development, Role: Source Code

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