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Balík: 4pane (5.0-2) [debports]

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four-pane detailed-list file manager

4pane is a dual twin-pane file manager: directories and files are displayed in separate panes. By default two pairs of these twin-panes are displayed at a time, allowing easy dragging or pasting.

As well as standard file manager functions, features include support for nfs sshfs and samba, archive management including virtual browsing, multiple renaming of files, user-defined tools, a terminal emulator, and gui access to grep find and locate. Almost all actions, even deletions, can be undone and redone.

4pane aims to be highly configurable, fast and fully-featured without bloat.

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riscv64 (neoficiálny port) 1,203.9 kB5,449.0 kB [zoznam súborov]