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Balík: openms-common (2.4.0-real-1)

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package for LC/MS data management and analysis - shared data

OpenMS is a package for LC/MS data management and analysis. OpenMS offers an infrastructure for the development of mass spectrometry-related software and powerful 2D and 3D visualization solutions.

OpenMS offers analyses for various quantitation protocols, including label-free quantitation, SILAC, iTRAQ, SRM, SWATH…

It provides built-in algorithms for de-novo identification and database search, as well as adapters to other state-of-the art tools like X!Tandem, Mascot, OMSSA…

OpenMS supports the Proteomics Standard Initiative (PSI) formats for MS data and supports easy integration of tools into workflow engines like Knime, Galaxy, WS-Pgrade, and TOPPAS via the TOPPtools concept and a unified parameter handling.

This package brings data shared by the different binaries of the OpenMS software package (libOpenMS and libOpenMS_GUI libraries and the OpenMS Proteomic Pipeline binary tools).

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