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Balík: libshell-posix-select-perl (0.09-1)

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POSIX Shell's "select" loop for Perl

Shell::POSIX::Select implements the select loop of the "POSIX" shells (Bash, Korn, and derivatives) for Perl. That loop is unique in two ways: it's by far the friendliest feature of any UNIX shell, and it's the only UNIX shell loop that's missing from the Perl language. Until now!

What's so great about this loop? It automates the generation of a numbered menu of choices, prompts for a choice, proofreads that choice and complains if it's invalid (at least in this enhanced implementation), and executes a code-block with a variable set to the chosen value. That saves a lot of coding for interactive programs -- especially if the menu consists of many values!

The benefit of bringing this loop to Perl is that it obviates the need for future programmers to reinvent the Choose-From-A-Menu wheel.

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