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Balík: libcatalyst-plugin-fillinform-perl (0.12-1)

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module providing Fill-In-Form for Catalyst

Catalyst::Plugin::FillInForm allows automatic insertion of data from a previous HTML form into HTML input fields, textarea fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, and select tags. It is an instance of HTML::FillInForm, which itself is a subclass of HTML::Parser, which it uses to parse the HTML and insert the values into the proper form tags.

The usual application is after a user submits an HTML form without filling out a required field, or with errors in fields having specified constraints. FillInForm is used to redisplay the HTML form with all the form elements containing the submitted info. FillInForm can also be used to fill forms with data from any source, e.g. directly from your database.

Značky: Software Development: Perl Development, Knižnice, Implementované v: Perl

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