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Balík: nyquist (3.12+ds-3)

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language for music composition and sound synthesis

Unlike score languages that tend to deal only with events, or signal processing languages that tend to deal only with signals and synthesis, Nyquist handles both in a single integrated system. Nyquist is also flexible and easy to use because it is based on an interactive Lisp interpreter (XLISP).

With Nyquist, you can design instruments by combining functions (much as you would using the orchestra languages of Music V, cmusic, or Csound). You can call upon these instruments and generate a sound just by typing a simple expression. You can combine simple expressions into complex ones to create a whole composition.

Značky: Software Development: Interpreter, Pole: Umenie, User Interface: Text-based Interactive, Role: role::program, scope::utility, Sada nástrojov používateľského rozhrania: Ncurses TUI, Works with: Music Notation

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amd64 4,970.7 kB7,916.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
arm64 4,897.1 kB7,748.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
armel 4,928.9 kB7,803.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
armhf 4,893.8 kB7,479.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
i386 4,974.9 kB7,942.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
mips 4,918.0 kB7,942.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
mips64el 4,912.9 kB8,040.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
mipsel 4,920.2 kB7,942.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
ppc64el 4,931.0 kB8,056.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
s390x 4,930.6 kB8,006.0 kB [zoznam súborov]