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Balík: python-mockldap (0.3.0-2)

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simple mock implementation of python-ldap (Python2 version)

This project provides a mock replacement for python-ldap. It’s useful for any project that would like to write unit tests against LDAP code without relying on a running LDAP server.

The goal of mockldap is to provide a mock instance of LDAPObject in response to any call to ldap.initialize. In the general case, you would register return values for all LDAPObject calls that you expect the code under test to make. Your assertions would then verify that the tested code behaved correctly given this set of return values from the LDAP APIs.

As a convenience, the mock LDAPObject isn’t just a dumb mock object. The typical way to use mockldap is to provide some static directory content and then let LDAPObject generate real return values. This will only work for simple LDAP operations–this obviously isn’t a complete Python LDAP server implementation–but those simple operations tend to cover a lot of cases.

This package contains the Python 2 version of the library.

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