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declarative HTTP testing library - Python 2.x

Gabbi is a tool for running HTTP tests where requests and responses are represented in a declarative form.

Gabbi works to bridge the gap between human readable YAML files that represent HTTP requests and expected responses and the obscured realm of Python-based, object-oriented unit tests in the style of the unittest module and its derivatives.

Each YAML file represents an ordered list of HTTP requests along with the expected responses. This allows a single file to represent a process in the API being tested. For example:

 * Create a resource.
 * Retrieve a resource.
 * Delete a resource.
 * Retrieve a resource again to confirm it is gone.

At the same time it is still possible to ask gabbi to run just one request. If it is in a sequence of tests, those tests prior to it in the YAML file will be run (in order). In any single process any test will only be run once. Concurrency is handled such that one file runs in one process.

These features mean that it is possible to create tests that are useful for both humans (as tools for improving and developing APIs) and automated CI systems.

This package contains the Python 2.x module.

Značky: Implementované v: Python

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