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Balík: libperlx-define-perl (0.101-4)

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cute syntax for defining constants

PerlX::Define is a yet another module for defining constants.

Differences from constant.pm:

 * Cute syntax.
   Like constant.pm, constants get defined at compile time,
   not run time.
 * Requires Perl 5.12 or above.
   If you're lucky enough to be able to free yourself
   from the shackles of supporting decade-old versions of Perl,
   PerlX::Define is your friend.
 * Only supports scalar constants.
   List constants are rarely useful.
   Your constant can of course be a reference to an array or hash,
   but this module doesn't attempt
   to make the referred-to structure read only.
 * Doesn't try to handle some of the things constant.pm does
   like declaring constants using fully-qualified names,
   or defining constants pointing at magic scalars.

Prior to version 0.100, PerlX::Define was bundled with Moops.

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