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You have searched for packages that names contain eclipse in suite(s) wheezy, all sections, and all architectures. Found 41 matching packages.

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Package eclipse

Other hits

Package eclipse-anyedit

Package eclipse-cdt

Package eclipse-cdt-autotools

Package eclipse-cdt-jni

Package eclipse-cdt-pkg-config

Package eclipse-cdt-valgrind

Package eclipse-cdt-valgrind-remote

Package eclipse-egit

Package eclipse-egit-mylyn

Package eclipse-emf

Package eclipse-emf-examples

Package eclipse-emf-sdk

Package eclipse-gef

Package eclipse-gef-doc

Package eclipse-jdt

Package eclipse-mercurialeclipse

Package eclipse-mylyn

Package eclipse-mylyn-builds-hudson

Package eclipse-mylyn-context-cdt

Package eclipse-mylyn-context-jdt

Package eclipse-mylyn-context-pde

Package eclipse-mylyn-tasks-bugzilla

Package eclipse-mylyn-tasks-trac

Package eclipse-mylyn-versions-cvs

Package eclipse-mylyn-wikitext

Package eclipse-pde

Package eclipse-platform

Package eclipse-platform-data

Package eclipse-rcp

Package eclipse-rse

Package eclipse-xsd

Package eclipse-xsd-sdk

Package libcommons-jci-eclipse-java

Package libeclipselink-java

Package libeclipselink-java-doc

Package redeclipse

Package redeclipse-data

Package redeclipse-dbg

Package redeclipse-server

Package redeclipse-server-dbg