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You have searched for packages that names contain cron in suite(s) stretch, all sections, and all architectures. Found 49 matching packages.

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Package cron

Other hits

Package anacron

Package apticron

Package cron-apt

Package cron-deja-vu

Package cronic

Package cronolog

Package cronometer

Package cronutils

Package ejabberd-mod-cron

Package golang-github-gogits-cron-dev

Package golang-github-gorhill-cronexpr-dev

Package incron

Package kcron

Package kde-config-cron

Package libconfig-crontab-perl

Package libdatetime-event-cron-perl

Package libschedule-cron-events-perl

Package libschedule-cron-perl

Package libset-crontab-perl

Package mcron

Package mpdcron

Package mricron

Package mricron-data

Package mricron-doc

Package python-croniter

Package python-crontab

Package python3-croniter

Package python3-crontab

Package ruby-parse-cron

Package ruby-sidekiq-cron

Package ssh-cron

Package systemd-cron

Package uwsgi-plugin-curl-cron

Package xfonts-cronyx-100dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-75dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-cp1251-100dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-cp1251-75dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-cp1251-misc

Package xfonts-cronyx-isocyr-100dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-isocyr-75dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-isocyr-misc

Package xfonts-cronyx-koi8r-100dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-koi8r-75dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-koi8r-misc

Package xfonts-cronyx-koi8u-100dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-koi8u-75dpi

Package xfonts-cronyx-koi8u-misc

Package xfonts-cronyx-misc