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You have searched for packages that names contain pidgin in suite(s) stretch, all sections, and all architectures. Found 34 matching packages.

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Package pidgin

Other hits

Package pidgin-audacious

Package pidgin-awayonlock

Package pidgin-blinklight

Package pidgin-data

Package pidgin-dbg

Package pidgin-dev

Package pidgin-encryption

Package pidgin-extprefs

Package pidgin-festival

Package pidgin-gmchess

Package pidgin-gnome-keyring

Package pidgin-gnome-keyring-dbg

Package pidgin-guifications

Package pidgin-hotkeys

Package pidgin-lastfm

Package pidgin-latex

Package pidgin-libnotify

Package pidgin-librvp

Package pidgin-mpris

Package pidgin-mra

Package pidgin-mra-dbg

Package pidgin-nateon

Package pidgin-nateon-dbg

Package pidgin-openfetion

Package pidgin-openpgp

Package pidgin-otr

Package pidgin-plugin-pack

Package pidgin-privacy-please

Package pidgin-sipe

Package pidgin-skype

Package pidgin-skype-common

Package pidgin-skype-dbg

Package pidgin-themes