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Package php

Other hits

Package php-all-dev

Package php-amqp

Package php-amqplib

Package php-analog

Package php-apcu

Package php-apcu-bc

Package php-apigen

Package php-apigen-theme-bootstrap

Package php-apigen-theme-default

Package php-ast

Package php-auth-sasl

Package php-bcmath

Package php-bz2

Package php-cache-lite

Package php-calendar

Package php-cas

Package php-cgi

Package php-cli

Package php-cli-prompt

Package php-codecoverage

Package php-codesniffer

Package php-common

Package php-composer-ca-bundle

Package php-composer-semver

Package php-composer-spdx-licenses

Package php-console-commandline

Package php-console-table

Package php-constant-time

Package php-crypt-chap

Package php-curl

Package php-date

Package php-db

Package php-deepcopy

Package php-dev

Package php-directory-scanner

Package php-doctrine-annotations

Package php-doctrine-bundle

Package php-doctrine-cache

Package php-doctrine-cache-bundle

Package php-doctrine-collections

Package php-doctrine-common

Package php-doctrine-data-fixtures

Package php-doctrine-dbal

Package php-doctrine-inflector

Package php-doctrine-instantiator

Package php-doctrine-lexer

Package php-doctrine-orm

Package php-dompdf

Package php-elisp

Package php-email-validator

Package php-enchant

Package php-facedetect

Package php-fdomdocument

Package php-file-iterator

Package php-finder-facade

Package php-finder-facade-doc

Package php-font-lib

Package php-fpdf