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You have searched for perl mp3 in packages names and descriptions in suite(s) stable, all sections, and all architectures (including subword matching). Found 77 matching packages.

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Package perl

Package libmp3-tag-perl

Package magicrescue

Package mp3check

Package mp3gain

Package libaudio-file-perl

Package ruby-espeak

Package mp3rename

Package libmp3-info-perl

Package darkice

Package xmms2-plugin-mad

Package xmms2-plugin-mpg123

Package libcddb-perl

Package vdr-plugin-mp3

Package mp3blaster

Package mpgtx

Package mp3fs

Package silverjuke

Package sox

Package eyed3

Package libaudio-scan-perl

Package libapache2-mod-musicindex

Package mod-musicindex-common

Package mp3burn

Package libmpeg3-2

Package cmus

Package rhythmbox-doc

Package id3tool

Package alsaplayer-common

Package mupen64plus-rsp-hle

Package rhythmbox-dev

Package mp3splt-gtk

Package librhythmbox-core10

Package opencubicplayer

Package mp3splt

Package ogmrip

Package pd-iemlib

Package opencubicplayer-doc

Package ogmrip-doc

Package libogmrip1

Package libogmrip-dev

Package liburi-title-perl

Package libauthen-simple-perl

Package terminatorx

Package cme

Package perl-modules-5.32

Package audacious-plugins

Package cmus-plugin-ffmpeg

Package libb-keywords-perl

Package music123

Package hobbit-plugins

Package perl-base

Package gir1.2-rb-3.0

Package perl-stacktrace

Package dh-make-perl

Package python3-gtts

Package rhythmbox

Package libbio-perl-perl

Package libdevel-findperl-perl

Package libdevel-symdump-perl

Package gst123

Package libsearch-elasticsearch-client-1-0-perl

Package libsearch-elasticsearch-client-2-0-perl

Package libperl-minimumversion-fast-perl

Package libtest-debian-perl

Package libperl-critic-freenode-perl

Package perl6

Package ripit

Package libspreadsheet-read-perl

Package libperl6-junction-perl

Package libxml-perl

Package mpg321

Package libhamlib2-perl

Package claws-mail-perl-filter

Package libb-compiling-perl

Package pdl

Package libmodule-reader-perl