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Package sipdialer

Package twinkle

Package twinkle-common

Package jscommunicator-web-phone

Package twinkle-console

Package xul-ext-tbdialout

Package drupal7-mod-jscommunicator

Package drupal7-mod-jssip

Package libosip2-dev

Package libjs-jscommunicator

Package linphone

Package linphone-nogtk

Package liblinphone9

Package liblinphone5

Package liblinphone++9

Package linphone-common

Package node-jssip

Package libjs-jssip

Package libmediastreamer-base3

Package libmediastreamer-dev

Package liblinphone-dev

Package libjs-jssip-bundle

Package libnet-sip-perl

Package linphone-dbg

Package sflphone-kde

Package sflphone-gnome

Package sflphone-daemon

Package sflphone-data

Package sflphone-evolution

Package dlz-ldap-enum

Package ekiga

Package libgeocoding7

Package libopal3.10.10

Package libgsmme1v5

Package libgsmme1c2a

Package gsm-utils

Package letterize

Package gmobilemedia

Package bitpim

Package libnumber-phone-perl

Package libgnokii6

Package libgnokii7

Package gnokii-cli

Package python-phonenumbers

Package python3-phonenumbers

Package libresiprocate-1.9

Package libresiprocate-1.10

Package libresiprocate-1.8

Package libresiprocate-1.11

Package asterisk-mobile

Package libphonenumber7

Package libphone-utils0

Package libphonenumber6

Package siproxd

Package wammu

Package libphonenumber6-java

Package libphonenumber7-java

Package libphonenumber-dev

Package libphonenumber6-dev

Package libgammu8

Package libgammu7

Package sip-tester

Package xgnokii

Package libgnokii-dbg

Package gammu

Package gnokii-common

Package gnokii

Package phoneui-apps

Package drupal7-mod-drucall

Package libgammu-dbg

Package libgammu-i18n

Package gnokii-dbg

Package libgammu-dev

Package bitpim-lib

Package gnome-phone-manager

Package series60-remote

Package libphone-utils-dev

Package libphone-utils0-dbg

Package libgnokii-dev

Package python-pyotp

Package python3-pyotp

Package nuntius

Package libsofia-sip-ua-glib3

Package repro

Package libsofia-sip-ua-dev

Package libosip2-11

Package kamailio-outbound-modules

Package kamailio-sctp-modules

Package libsofia-sip-ua-glib-dev

Package libbellesip0

Package libsip-api-java

Package sofia-sip-bin

Package libbellesip-dbg

Package libpjsip-ua2

Package libbellesip-dev

Package python3-gammu

Package python-gammu

Package ipheth-utils

Package sofia-sip-doc

Package telepathy-resiprocate

Package libgsmsd8