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Package node-rimraf

Package liblimesuite-doc

Package splat

Package liblimesuite-dev

Package liblimesuite20.01-1

Package liblimesuite18.06-1

Package liblimesuite16.12-1

Package soapysdr0.5-2-module-lms7

Package soapysdr0.6-module-lms7

Package soapysdr0.7-module-lms7

Package debrequest

Package limesuite-udev

Package limesuite

Package soapysdr-module-lms7

Package git-repair

Package transcalc

Package cc1111

Package gsmc

Package hamradio-digitalvoice

Package libcoap-1-0

Package mspdebug

Package urfkill

Package libbladerf2

Package gnuradio

Package libbladerf0

Package libbladerf1

Package libbladerf-doc

Package python3-bladerf

Package bladerf

Package libbladerf-dev

Package libgnuradio-fcdproplus0

Package libcoap-1-0-dev

Package libgnuradio-fcdproplus3.7.10

Package libgnuradio-fcdproplus3.7.11

Package libcoap2-dev

Package libgnuradio-fcdproplus3.8.0

Package libcoap-1-0-doc

Package gr-fcdproplus

Package libcoap2-doc

Package liblms7compact-dev

Package liblms7compact0

Package libcoap2

Package libad9361-0

Package libad9361-dev

Package atlc

Package python-mlpy

Package python3-mlpy

Package libfreesrp0

Package qthid-fcd-controller

Package libfreesrp-dev

Package stella

Package pacpl

Package devscripts