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Package fwupdate

Package libfwup1

Package libfwup-dev

Package fwupd-amd64-signed

Package fwupdate-amd64-signed

Package fwupd-arm64-signed

Package fwupdate-arm64-signed

Package fwupd-armhf-signed

Package fwupdate-armhf-signed

Package fwupd-i386-signed

Package fwupdate-i386-signed

Package fwupd-tests

Package fwupd

Package fwupd-unsigned

Package libfwupd2

Package fwupd-unsigned-dev

Package libfwupdplugin1

Package dfu-util

Package fwupd-doc

Package dns323-firmware-tools

Package qflipper

Package libfwupd-dev

Package libfwupdplugin-dev

Package idevicerestore

Package swupdate

Package dfu-programmer

Package heimdall-flash

Package plasma-discover-backend-fwupd

Package grub-coreboot-bin

Package firmware-realtek

Package heimdall-flash-frontend

Package firmware-brcm80211

Package hdmi2usb-fx2-firmware

Package swupdate-doc

Package swupdate-www

Package libswupdate-dev

Package firmware-qcom-media

Package lua-swupdate

Package firmware-qcom-soc

Package ipmctl

Package firmware-misc-nonfree

Package firmware-qlogic

Package firmware-amd-graphics

Package libswupdate0.1

Package grub-coreboot

Package qcom-phone-utils

Package libipmctl-common

Package libipmctl5

Package firmware-iwlwifi

Package libipmctl-dev

Package libipmctl4

Package firmware-intel-sound

Package ubertooth-firmware-source

Package firmware-netronome

Package jh71xx-tools

Package firmware-myricom

Package firmware-cavium

Package firmware-samsung

Package firmware-atheros

Package amd64-microcode

Package firmware-ipw2x00

Package nxt-firmware

Package firmware-bnx2

Package firmware-libertas

Package alsa-firmware-loaders

Package ifp-line-libifp

Package grub-ieee1275-bin

Package firmware-ti-connectivity

Package isight-firmware-tools

Package ubertooth-firmware

Package pxfw

Package ffado-tools

Package firmware-intelwimax

Package firmware-linux-free

Package b43-fwcutter

Package hackrf-firmware

Package prism2-usb-firmware-installer

Package intel-microcode

Package grub-ieee1275

Package ap-utils

Package esptool

Package gobi-loader

Package live-task-non-free-firmware-server

Package hannah-foo2zjs

Package atmel-firmware

Package hdmi2usb-mode-switch

Package slugimage

Package upslug2

Package grub-firmware-qemu

Package firmware-linux-nonfree

Package coreboot-utils-doc

Package golang-github-bettercap-nrf24-dev

Package ap51-flash

Package firmware-sof-signed

Package firmware-realtek-rtl8723cs-bt

Package libifp4

Package qemu-skiboot

Package firmware-linux

Package coreboot-utils

Package sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw

Package linux-wlan-ng-firmware