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You have searched for pakketten that names contain awesome in alle suites, alle secties, and platform(s) ppc64. Found 19 matching packages.

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Pakket awesome

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Pakket awesome-dbgsym

Pakket awesome-doc

Pakket awesome-extra

Pakket drupal7-mod-fontawesome

Pakket fonts-font-awesome

Pakket fonts-fork-awesome

Pakket libdist-zilla-plugin-makemaker-awesome-perl

Pakket libfontawesomefx-java

Pakket libjiconfont-font-awesome-java

Pakket python-qtawesome

Pakket python-qtawesome-common

Pakket python-qtawesome-doc

Pakket python-xstatic-font-awesome

Pakket python3-qtawesome

Pakket python3-xstatic-font-awesome

Pakket ruby-awesome-nested-set

Pakket ruby-awesome-print

Pakket ruby-font-awesome-rails