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You have searched for window manager in packages names and descriptions in suite(s) stable, all sections, and all architectures (including subword matching). Found 79 matching packages.

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Package matchbox-window-manager

Package matchbox-window-manager-udeb

Package mldonkey-gui

Package remind

Package xfwm4

Package wxastrocapture

Package r-cran-epi

Package wm2

Package vlc-plugin-svg

Package golang-github-tendermint-go-merkle-dev

Package libspeechd2

Package tritium

Package libopendbx1-pgsql

Package metacity

Package lutefisk

Package mapcache-cgi

Package linux-user-chroot-dbg

Package lua-luxio0

Package mapcode

Package libghc-zlib-prof

Package metacity-common

Package libmetacity-dev

Package libva1

Package libmetis-dev

Package libtecla-dev

Package mutter

Package python-plwm

Package afterstep

Package mutter-common

Package aspell-eu-es

Package libmutter-dev

Package cheese

Package libglobus-gssapi-gsi-dev

Package libespeak-dev

Package kpackagetool5

Package i3

Package libsemver-java

Package wmii

Package libvtk6-jni

Package tinywm

Package rbd-mirror

Package libtachyon-mt-0-dev

Package dvtm

Package libxcb-xfixes0

Package oss-preserve

Package 9wm

Package quakespasm

Package obconf

Package bls-standalone

Package libnm-dev

Package ratpoison

Package qt5-style-plugins

Package w9wm

Package uwsgi-mongodb-plugins

Package vainfo

Package libmetis5

Package libmetis5-dbg

Package libva-x11-1

Package twm

Package meterec

Package libtntnet12v5

Package kicad-doc-ru

Package choosewm

Package caja-actions-dev

Package i3-wm-dbg

Package libglobus-io-dbg

Package liburiparser1

Package swi-prolog

Package python-gamin

Package wmanager

Package realmd

Package subtle

Package vmg

Package librosconsole-bridge0d

Package libopendbx1-mysql

Package gnome-photos

Package sawfish

Package kde-window-manager

Package linux-user-chroot