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You have searched for window manager in packages names and descriptions in suite(s) stable, all sections, and all architectures (including subword matching). Found 76 matching packages.

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Package matchbox-window-manager-udeb

Package libmutter0i

Package xfwm4

Package wm2

Package tritium

Package metacity

Package marco

Package libmetacity1

Package libmetacity-dev

Package metacity-common

Package libmuffin0

Package compiz-core

Package afterstep

Package mutter

Package python-plwm

Package libmutter-dev

Package i3

Package libkf5windowsystem5

Package mutter-common

Package obconf

Package libkf5windowsystem-data

Package wmii

Package tinywm

Package dvtm

Package choosewm

Package 9wm

Package w9wm

Package ratpoison

Package bspwm

Package muffin

Package libmuffin-dev

Package muffin-common

Package twm

Package muffin-doc

Package i3-wm-dbg

Package kde-window-manager

Package libmarco-private1

Package sawfish

Package wmanager

Package subtle

Package libafterstep1

Package libmarco-dev

Package afterstep-data

Package openbox-kde-session

Package pekwm

Package marco-common

Package amiwm

Package openbox-gnome-session

Package suckless-tools

Package miwm

Package fvwm-icons

Package libkf5windowsystem-dev

Package lxsession

Package pekwm-themes

Package wmaker

Package jwm

Package unagi

Package gir1.2-mutter-3.0

Package matchbox-window-manager

Package lwm

Package wmii-doc

Package libghc-xmonad-dev

Package sapphire

Package xfce4-session

Package aewm

Package vdesk

Package wm-icons

Package xmonad

Package libghc-xmonad-prof

Package unagi-dbg

Package matchbox-themes-extra

Package kwin-data

Package libghc-xmonad-doc

Package sugar-session

Package unagi-dev

Package kwin-common