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Package vim

Other hits

Package cpl-plugin-vimos

Package cpl-plugin-vimos-calib

Package cpl-plugin-vimos-doc

Package csvimp

Package iceweasel-vimperator

Package jvim-canna

Package jvim-doc

Package libcsvimp-dev

Package libtext-vimcolor-perl

Package neovim

Package neovim-runtime

Package notmuch-vim

Package supercollider-vim

Package vim-addon-manager

Package vim-addon-mw-utils

Package vim-athena

Package vim-autopep8

Package vim-common

Package vim-conque

Package vim-ctrlp

Package vim-dbg

Package vim-doc

Package vim-editorconfig

Package vim-fugitive

Package vim-gnome

Package vim-gocomplete

Package vim-gtk

Package vim-gui-common

Package vim-haproxy

Package vim-icinga2

Package vim-khuno

Package vim-latexsuite

Package vim-lesstif

Package vim-migemo

Package vim-nox

Package vim-pathogen

Package vim-puppet

Package vim-python-jedi

Package vim-rails

Package vim-runtime

Package vim-scripts

Package vim-snipmate

Package vim-snippets

Package vim-syntastic

Package vim-syntax-docker

Package vim-syntax-go

Package vim-syntax-gtk

Package vim-tabular

Package vim-tiny

Package vim-tlib

Package vim-ultisnips

Package vim-vimerl

Package vim-vimerl-syntax

Package vim-vimoutliner

Package vim-voom

Package vim-youcompleteme

Package vimhelp-de