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You have searched for packages that names contain squid in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 37 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package squid

Other hits

Package biosquid

Package biosquid-dbgsym

Package chasquid

Package chasquid-dbgsym

Package fusiondirectory-plugin-squid

Package fusiondirectory-plugin-squid-schema

Package gosa-plugin-squid

Package libsquid-dev

Package libsquid1

Package libsquid1-dbgsym

Package libsquid1t64

Package libsquid1t64-dbgsym

Package lightsquid

Package prometheus-squid-exporter

Package prometheus-squid-exporter-dbgsym

Package squid-cgi

Package squid-cgi-dbgsym

Package squid-common

Package squid-dbgsym

Package squid-deb-proxy

Package squid-deb-proxy-client

Package squid-deb-proxy-client-udeb

Package squid-langpack

Package squid-openssl

Package squid-openssl-dbgsym

Package squid-purge

Package squid-purge-dbgsym

Package squid3

Package squidclient

Package squidclient-dbgsym

Package squidguard

Package squidguard-dbgsym

Package squidguard-doc

Package squidtaild

Package squidview

Package squidview-dbgsym