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Exact hits

Package sc

Other hits

Package sc-dbgsym

Package sc-im

Package sc-im-dbgsym

Package sc3-plugins

Package sc3-plugins-language

Package sc3-plugins-server

Package sc3-plugins-server-dbgsym

Package scala

Package scala-asm

Package scala-doc

Package scala-library

Package scala-mode-el

Package scala-parser-combinators

Package scala-xml

Package scalable-cyrfonts-tex

Package scalapack-doc

Package scalapack-mpi-test

Package scalapack-mpi-test-dbgsym

Package scalapack-test-common

Package scalpel

Package scalpel-dbgsym

Package scamp

Package scamp-dbgsym

Package scamper

Package scamper-dbgsym

Package scanbd

Package scanbd-dbgsym

Package scanlogd

Package scanlogd-dbgsym

Package scanmem

Package scanmem-dbgsym

Package scanssh

Package scanssh-dbgsym

Package scantailor

Package scantool

Package scantool-dbgsym

Package scantv

Package scantv-dbgsym

Package scap-workbench

Package sccache

Package scdaemon

Package scdaemon-dbgsym

Package scdoc

Package scdoc-dbgsym

Package scep

Package scep-dbgsym

Package sch-rnd

Package sch-rnd-core

Package sch-rnd-core-dbgsym

Package sch-rnd-debug

Package sch-rnd-doc

Package sch-rnd-export-extra

Package sch-rnd-export-extra-dbgsym

Package sch-rnd-export-gd

Package sch-rnd-export-gd-dbgsym

Package sch-rnd-export-vector

Package sch-rnd-export-vector-dbgsym

Package sch-rnd-io-alien

Package sch-rnd-io-alien-dbgsym

Package sch-rnd-lib-gui

Package sch-rnd-lib-gui-dbgsym

Package sch-rnd-sim

Package sch-rnd-sim-dbgsym

Package schedtool

Package schedtool-dbgsym

Package schema2ldif

Package scheme-chez-srfi

Package scheme2c

Package scheme2c-doc

Package scheme48

Package scheme48-dbgsym

Package scheme48-doc

Package scheme9

Package scheme9-dbgsym

Package schism

Package schism-dbgsym

Package schleuder

Package schleuder-cli

Package schleuder-gitlab-ticketing

Package schroot

Package schroot-common

Package schroot-dbgsym

Package scid

Package scid-data

Package scid-dbgsym

Package scid-rating-data

Package scid-spell-data

Package science-all

Package science-astronomy

Package science-astronomy-dev

Package science-biology

Package science-chemistry

Package science-config

Package science-dataacquisition

Package science-dataacquisition-dev

Package science-datamanagement

Package science-distributedcomputing

Package science-economics

Package science-electronics