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Exact hits

Package ri

Other hits

Package ri-li

Package ri-li-data

Package ri-li-dbgsym

Package ricks-amdgpu-utils

Package rickslab-gpu-utils

Package ricochet

Package ricochet-im

Package ricochet-im-dbgsym

Package riece

Package riemann-c-client

Package riemann-c-client-dbgsym

Package ries

Package ries-dbgsym

Package rifiuti

Package rifiuti-dbgsym

Package rifiuti2

Package rifiuti2-dbgsym

Package rig

Package rig-dbgsym

Package rime-data-array30

Package rime-data-bopomofo

Package rime-data-cangjie5

Package rime-data-combo-pinyin

Package rime-data-double-pinyin

Package rime-data-emoji

Package rime-data-ipa-xsampa

Package rime-data-ipa-yunlong

Package rime-data-jyut6ping3

Package rime-data-loengfan

Package rime-data-luna-pinyin

Package rime-data-pinyin-simp

Package rime-data-quick5

Package rime-data-sampheng

Package rime-data-scj6

Package rime-data-soutzoe

Package rime-data-stroke

Package rime-data-terra-pinyin

Package rime-data-wubi

Package rime-data-wugniu

Package rime-data-zyenpheng

Package rime-essay

Package rime-prelude

Package rinetd

Package rinetd-dbgsym

Package ring

Package ring-daemon

Package ring-daemon-dbgsym

Package ring-dbgsym

Package ringdove

Package rinse

Package rio

Package rio-dbgsym

Package ripasso-cursive

Package ripasso-cursive-dbgsym

Package ripcalc

Package ripcalc-dbgsym

Package ripe-atlas-tools

Package ripe-atlas-tools-doc

Package ripgrep

Package ripgrep-dbgsym

Package ripit

Package ripmime

Package ripmime-dbgsym

Package ripper

Package ripper-dbgsym

Package ripperx

Package ripperx-dbgsym

Package ripser

Package ripser-dbgsym

Package riscemu

Package riscemu-doc

Package riseup-vpn

Package rist-tools

Package rist-tools-dbgsym

Package ristretto

Package ristretto-dbgsym