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Exact hits

Package re

Other hits

Package re-dbgsym

Package re2c

Package re2c-dbgsym

Package read-edid

Package read-edid-dbgsym

Package readahead-fedora

Package readline-common

Package readline-doc

Package readpst

Package readseq

Package readseq-dbgsym

Package realmd

Package realmd-dbgsym

Package realpath

Package realtimebattle

Package realtimebattle-common

Package reapr

Package reapr-dbgsym

Package rear

Package rear-doc

Package reaver

Package reaver-dbgsym

Package rebar

Package reboot-notifier

Package rebound

Package rebuildd

Package recap

Package recite

Package reclass

Package reclass-doc

Package recode

Package recode-dbgsym

Package recode-doc

Package recoll

Package recollcmd

Package recollgui

Package recommonmark-scripts

Package recon-ng

Package reconf-inetd

Package reconserver

Package recordmydesktop

Package recordmydesktop-dbgsym

Package recoverdm

Package recoverdm-dbgsym

Package recoverjpeg

Package recoverjpeg-dbgsym

Package recutils

Package recutils-dbgsym

Package redeclipse

Package redeclipse-common

Package redeclipse-data

Package redeclipse-dbg

Package redeclipse-dbgsym

Package redeclipse-server

Package redeclipse-server-dbg

Package redeclipse-server-dbgsym

Package redet

Package redet-doc

Package redfishtool

Package redhat-cluster-suite

Package redir

Package redir-dbgsym

Package redis

Package redis-redisearch

Package redis-redisearch-dbgsym

Package redis-redisearch-doc

Package redis-sentinel

Package redis-server

Package redis-tools

Package redis-tools-dbgsym

Package redland-utils

Package redland-utils-dbgsym

Package redmine

Package redmine-mysql

Package redmine-pgsql

Package redmine-plugin-botsfilter

Package redmine-plugin-custom-css

Package redmine-plugin-local-avatars

Package redmine-plugin-pretend

Package redmine-plugin-recaptcha

Package redmine-sqlite

Package rednotebook

Package redshift

Package redshift-dbgsym

Package redshift-gtk

Package redshift-plasmoid

Package redsocks

Package redsocks-dbgsym

Package ree

Package reel

Package refdb-clients

Package refdb-doc

Package refdb-server

Package refdb-www

Package referencer

Package refind

Package reflex

Package refmac-dictionary

Package regexxer