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You have searched for packages that names contain qi in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 46 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package qi

Other hits

Package arqiver

Package arqiver-dbgsym

Package coqide

Package coqide-dbgsym

Package drkonqi

Package drkonqi-dbgsym

Package fcitx-ui-qimpanel

Package fcitx-ui-qimpanel-dbgsym

Package geeqie

Package geeqie-common

Package geeqie-dbgsym

Package libdata-uniqid-perl

Package libfinance-qif-perl

Package libqimageblitz-dbg

Package libqimageblitz-dev

Package libqimageblitz4

Package libsmokeqimageblitz3

Package libxqilla-dev

Package libxqilla6v5

Package libxqilla6v5-dbgsym

Package node-uniqid

Package pqiv

Package pqiv-dbgsym

Package pyqi

Package python-qinlingclient-doc

Package python3-qinlingclient

Package python3-qiskit-aer

Package python3-qiskit-ibmq-provider

Package python3-qiskit-terra

Package python3-qiskit-terra-dbgsym

Package qiime

Package qiime-dbgsym

Package qimgv

Package qimgv-dbgsym

Package qimhangul-common

Package qimhangul-qt4

Package qink

Package qiv

Package qiv-dbgsym

Package r-cran-seqinr

Package r-cran-seqinr-dbgsym

Package sqitch

Package tesseract-ocr-sqi

Package xqilla

Package xqilla-dbgsym