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Package php7.0

Package php7.0-bcmath

Package php7.0-bz2

Package php7.0-cgi

Package php7.0-cli

Package php7.0-common

Package php7.0-curl

Package php7.0-dba

Package php7.0-dev

Package php7.0-enchant

Package php7.0-fpm

Package php7.0-gd

Package php7.0-gmp

Package php7.0-imap

Package php7.0-interbase

Package php7.0-intl

Package php7.0-json

Package php7.0-ldap

Package php7.0-mbstring

Package php7.0-mcrypt

Package php7.0-mysql

Package php7.0-odbc

Package php7.0-opcache

Package php7.0-pgsql

Package php7.0-phpdbg

Package php7.0-pspell

Package php7.0-readline

Package php7.0-recode

Package php7.0-snmp

Package php7.0-soap

Package php7.0-sqlite3

Package php7.0-sybase

Package php7.0-tidy

Package php7.0-xml

Package php7.0-xmlrpc

Package php7.0-xsl

Package php7.0-zip

Package php7.3

Package php7.3-bcmath

Package php7.3-bcmath-dbgsym

Package php7.3-bz2

Package php7.3-bz2-dbgsym

Package php7.3-cgi

Package php7.3-cgi-dbgsym

Package php7.3-cli

Package php7.3-cli-dbgsym

Package php7.3-common

Package php7.3-common-dbgsym

Package php7.3-curl

Package php7.3-curl-dbgsym

Package php7.3-dba

Package php7.3-dba-dbgsym

Package php7.3-dev

Package php7.3-enchant

Package php7.3-enchant-dbgsym

Package php7.3-fpm

Package php7.3-fpm-dbgsym

Package php7.3-gd

Package php7.3-gd-dbgsym

Package php7.3-gmp

Package php7.3-gmp-dbgsym

Package php7.3-imap

Package php7.3-imap-dbgsym

Package php7.3-interbase

Package php7.3-interbase-dbgsym

Package php7.3-intl

Package php7.3-intl-dbgsym

Package php7.3-json

Package php7.3-json-dbgsym

Package php7.3-ldap

Package php7.3-ldap-dbgsym

Package php7.3-mbstring

Package php7.3-mbstring-dbgsym

Package php7.3-mysql

Package php7.3-mysql-dbgsym

Package php7.3-odbc

Package php7.3-odbc-dbgsym

Package php7.3-opcache

Package php7.3-opcache-dbgsym

Package php7.3-pgsql

Package php7.3-pgsql-dbgsym

Package php7.3-phpdbg

Package php7.3-phpdbg-dbgsym

Package php7.3-pspell

Package php7.3-pspell-dbgsym

Package php7.3-readline

Package php7.3-readline-dbgsym

Package php7.3-recode

Package php7.3-recode-dbgsym

Package php7.3-snmp

Package php7.3-snmp-dbgsym

Package php7.3-soap

Package php7.3-soap-dbgsym

Package php7.3-sqlite3

Package php7.3-sqlite3-dbgsym

Package php7.3-sybase

Package php7.3-sybase-dbgsym

Package php7.3-tidy

Package php7.3-tidy-dbgsym

Package php7.3-xml