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Package ocaml

Other hits

Package ocaml-batteries-included

Package ocaml-book-en

Package ocaml-book-fr

Package ocaml-core

Package ocaml-doc

Package ocaml-findlib

Package ocaml-interp

Package ocaml-melt

Package ocaml-mingw-w64

Package ocaml-mingw-w64-i686

Package ocaml-mingw-w64-x86-64

Package ocaml-mode

Package ocaml-native-compilers

Package ocaml-nox

Package ocaml-source

Package ocaml-ulex

Package ocamldsort

Package ocamlgraph-editor

Package ocamlify

Package ocamlmakefile

Package ocamlmod

Package ocamlviz

Package ocamlwc

Package ocamlweb

Package dh-ocaml

Package libcamlimages-ocaml-doc

Package ocaml-tools

Package libpgocaml-ocaml-dev

Package libpgocaml-ocaml

Package libmm-ocaml-dev

Package libbjack-ocaml-dev

Package tuareg-mode

Package camlmix

Package libsamplerate-ocaml-dev

Package libgmp-ocaml-dev

Package mingw-ocaml

Package libtheora-ocaml-dev

Package libperl4caml-ocaml-dev

Package liblo-ocaml-dev

Package libdssi-ocaml-dev

Package libflac-ocaml-dev

Package libodn-ocaml-dev

Package libfdkaac-ocaml-dev

Package libctypes-ocaml-dev

Package libspeex-ocaml-dev

Package libalsa-ocaml-dev

Package ocaml-base

Package libhivex-ocaml-dev

Package libodn-ocaml

Package libfaad-ocaml-dev

Package libgmp-ocaml

Package libperl4caml-ocaml

Package libshine-ocaml-dev

Package libladspa-ocaml-dev

Package libmysql-ocaml-dev

Package libpulse-ocaml-dev

Package libcurses-ocaml-dev

Package libsyslog-ocaml-dev

Package libgavl-ocaml-dev

Package libvoaacenc-ocaml-dev

Package libopus-ocaml-dev

Package libgstreamer-ocaml-dev

Package libmp3lame-ocaml-dev

Package libfdkaac-ocaml-dynlink

Package ocaml-ulex08

Package libao-ocaml-dev

Package libmlpcap-ocaml

Package libmlpcap-ocaml-dev

Package libgd-gd2-noxpm-ocaml

Package libgd-gd2-noxpm-ocaml-dev

Package libcsv-ocaml-dev

Package libgettext-ocaml-dev

Package libbatteries-ocaml-dev

Package librss-ocaml-dev

Package libfileutils-ocaml-dev

Package libfrei0r-ocaml-dev

Package libocamlodbc-ocaml-dev

Package libben-ocaml

Package libben-ocaml-dev

Package libperl4caml-ocaml-doc

Package libssl-ocaml-dev

Package ocaml-libs

Package libduppy-ocaml-dev

Package libmlpost-ocaml-dev

Package cppo

Package libguestfs-ocaml-dev

Package libladspa-ocaml

Package libmysql-ocaml

Package ocaml-compiler-libs

Package libjs-of-ocaml-doc

Package libcryptgps-ocaml-dev

Package libocamlnet-ocaml-dev

Package libsyslog-ocaml

Package libmikmatch-ocaml-dev

Package librss-ocaml

Package libcamljava-ocaml-dev

Package libparmap-ocaml-dev

Package libinotify-ocaml-dev

Package libusb-ocaml-dev

Package libuuidm-ocaml-dev

Package ocaml-base-nox

Package libtext-ocaml

Package libusb-ocaml

Package libmikmatch-ocaml

Package libdbus-ocaml-dev

Package libmm-ocaml

Package libshout-ocaml-dev

Package libobus-ocaml

Package libctypes-ocaml

Package libportaudio-ocaml-dev

Package libmagic-ocaml-dev

Package libpycaml-ocaml-dev

Package libpycaml-ocaml