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Exact hits

Package mr

Other hits

Package mrb

Package mrbayes

Package mrbayes-dbg

Package mrbayes-doc

Package mrbayes-mpi

Package mrd6

Package mrename

Package mriconvert

Package mricron

Package mricron-data

Package mricron-doc

Package mrmpi-doc

Package mrpt-apps

Package mrpt-doc

Package mrpt-libs

Package mrs

Package mrt

Package mrtdreader

Package mrtg

Package mrtg-contrib

Package mrtg-ping-probe

Package mrtg-rrd

Package mrtgutils

Package mrtgutils-sensors

Package mrtrix

Package mrtrix-doc

Package mruby

Package mrwtoppm

Package mrwtoppm-data

Package mrwtoppm-gimp

Package mrwtoppm-utils

Package mrxvt

Package mrxvt-cjk

Package mrxvt-common

Package mrxvt-mini