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You have searched for packages that names contain mpd in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 44 matching packages.

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Package mpd

Other hits

Package g15mpd

Package isakmpd

Package libaudio-mpd-common-perl

Package libaudio-mpd-perl

Package libmpd-dev

Package libmpd1

Package libmpd1-dbg

Package libmpdclient-dev

Package libmpdclient-doc

Package libmpdclient2

Package libmpdclient2-dbg

Package libmpdec-dev

Package libmpdec2

Package libmpich-mpd1.0-dev

Package libmpich-mpd1.0gf

Package libpam-tmpdir

Package libpoe-component-client-mpd-perl

Package libtest-corpus-audio-mpd-perl

Package libtest-tempdir-perl

Package libtest-tempdir-tiny-perl

Package mpd-dbg

Package mpd-sima


Package mpdcron

Package mpdris

Package mpdris2

Package mpdscribble

Package mpdscribble-dbg

Package mpdtoys

Package mpich-mpd-bin

Package node-os-tmpdir

Package pd-pmpd

Package php-dompdf

Package pympd

Package python-mpd

Package python-mpdclient

Package qmpdclient

Package remuco-mpd

Package rtmpdump

Package rtmpdump-dbgsym

Package snmpd

Package snmpd-dbgsym

Package spampd