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Package mail-expire

Package mail-notification

Package mail-notification-dbgsym

Package mail-notification-evolution

Package mail-notification-evolution-dbgsym

Package mailagent

Package mailavenger

Package mailavenger-dbgsym

Package mailcheck

Package mailcheck-dbgsym

Package mailcrypt

Package maildir-filter

Package maildir-filter-dbgsym

Package maildir-utils

Package maildir-utils-dbgsym

Package maildir-utils-extra

Package maildir-utils-extra-dbgsym

Package maildirsync

Package maildrop

Package maildrop-dbgsym

Package mailfilter

Package mailfilter-dbgsym

Package mailfront

Package mailgraph

Package mailman

Package mailman-api

Package mailman-dbgsym

Package mailman3

Package mailman3-doc

Package mailman3-full

Package mailman3-web

Package mailnag

Package mailping

Package mailplate

Package mailsync

Package mailsync-dbgsym

Package mailtextbody

Package mailtextbody-dbgsym

Package mailto

Package mailutils

Package mailutils-common

Package mailutils-comsatd

Package mailutils-comsatd-dbgsym

Package mailutils-dbg

Package mailutils-dbgsym

Package mailutils-doc

Package mailutils-guile

Package mailutils-imap4d

Package mailutils-imap4d-dbgsym

Package mailutils-mh

Package mailutils-mh-dbgsym

Package mailutils-pop3d

Package mailutils-pop3d-dbgsym