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You have searched for packages that names contain m4 in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 99 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package m4

Other hits

Package atom4

Package exim4

Package exim4-base

Package exim4-base-dbgsym

Package exim4-config

Package exim4-daemon-heavy

Package exim4-daemon-heavy-dbg

Package exim4-daemon-heavy-dbgsym

Package exim4-daemon-light

Package exim4-daemon-light-dbg

Package exim4-daemon-light-dbgsym

Package exim4-dbg

Package exim4-dev

Package exim4-doc-html

Package exim4-doc-info

Package fusionforge-mta-exim4

Package gforge-mta-exim4

Package lam4-dev

Package lam4-dev-dbgsym

Package libappstream4

Package libappstream4-dbgsym

Package libasm4-java

Package libasm4-java-doc

Package libbaloopim4

Package libbaloopim4-dbgsym

Package libdom4j-java

Package libdom4j-java-doc

Package libfm4

Package libgetfem4++

Package libjenkins-dom4j-java

Package libjenkins-dom4j-java-doc

Package libkdepim4

Package libkdepim4-dbgsym

Package libkntlm4

Package libkntlm4-dbgsym

Package liblam4

Package liblam4-dbgsym

Package libllvm4.0

Package libllvm4.0-dbg

Package libm4ri-0.0.20080521

Package libm4ri-0.0.20140914

Package libm4ri-0.0.20140914-dbg

Package libm4ri-dev

Package libm4rie-0.0.20140914

Package libm4rie-0.0.20140914-dbg

Package libm4rie-0.0.20150908

Package libm4rie-0.0.20150908-dbgsym

Package libm4rie-dev

Package libmeep-lam4-7

Package libmeep-lam4-8

Package libmeep-lam4-8-dbgsym

Package libmeep-lam4-dev

Package libmono-system-io-compression-filesystem4.0-cil

Package libmono-system4.0-cil

Package libmrm4

Package libmrm4-dbgsym

Package libpam4j-java

Package libpam4j-java-doc

Package libpfm4

Package libpfm4-dbg

Package libpfm4-dbgsym

Package libpfm4-dev

Package libquorum4

Package libsam4

Package libsam4-dbgsym

Package libunibilium4

Package libunibilium4-dbgsym

Package libvotequorum4

Package libxcb-icccm4

Package libxcb-icccm4-dbgsym

Package libxcb-icccm4-dev

Package libxm4

Package libxm4-dbgsym

Package libxmlada-dom4.5.2015

Package libxmlada-dom4.6

Package libxmlada-dom4.6-dbgsym

Package libxpm4

Package libxpm4-dbg

Package libxpm4-dbgsym

Package lm4flash

Package lm4flash-dbgsym

Package m4-dbgsym

Package m4-doc

Package meep-lam4

Package meep-lam4-dbgsym

Package python-libpfm4

Package python-libpfm4-dbgsym

Package sibsim4

Package sibsim4-dbgsym

Package sim4

Package sim4-dbgsym

Package sim4db

Package sim4db-dbgsym

Package xfwm4

Package xfwm4-dbg

Package xfwm4-dbgsym

Package xfwm4-theme-breeze

Package xfwm4-themes