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You have searched for packages that names contain icedove in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 62 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package icedove

Other hits

Package icedove-bidiui

Package icedove-dbg

Package icedove-dev

Package icedove-l10n-all

Package icedove-l10n-ar

Package icedove-l10n-ast

Package icedove-l10n-be

Package icedove-l10n-bg

Package icedove-l10n-bn-bd

Package icedove-l10n-br

Package icedove-l10n-ca

Package icedove-l10n-cs

Package icedove-l10n-da

Package icedove-l10n-de

Package icedove-l10n-dsb

Package icedove-l10n-el

Package icedove-l10n-en-gb

Package icedove-l10n-es-ar

Package icedove-l10n-es-es

Package icedove-l10n-et

Package icedove-l10n-eu

Package icedove-l10n-fi

Package icedove-l10n-fr

Package icedove-l10n-fy-nl

Package icedove-l10n-ga-ie

Package icedove-l10n-gd

Package icedove-l10n-gl

Package icedove-l10n-he

Package icedove-l10n-hr

Package icedove-l10n-hsb

Package icedove-l10n-hu

Package icedove-l10n-hy-am

Package icedove-l10n-id

Package icedove-l10n-is

Package icedove-l10n-it

Package icedove-l10n-ja

Package icedove-l10n-kab

Package icedove-l10n-ko

Package icedove-l10n-lt

Package icedove-l10n-nb-no

Package icedove-l10n-nl

Package icedove-l10n-nn-no

Package icedove-l10n-pa-in

Package icedove-l10n-pl

Package icedove-l10n-pt-br

Package icedove-l10n-pt-pt

Package icedove-l10n-rm

Package icedove-l10n-ro

Package icedove-l10n-ru

Package icedove-l10n-si

Package icedove-l10n-sk

Package icedove-l10n-sl

Package icedove-l10n-sq

Package icedove-l10n-sr

Package icedove-l10n-sv-se

Package icedove-l10n-ta-lk

Package icedove-l10n-tr

Package icedove-l10n-uk

Package icedove-l10n-vi

Package icedove-l10n-zh-cn

Package icedove-l10n-zh-tw