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You have searched for packages that names contain gap in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 56 matching packages.

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Package gap

Other hits

Package empathy-megaphone-applet

Package gap-alnuth

Package gap-atlasrep

Package gap-autpgrp

Package gap-character-tables

Package gap-core

Package gap-dev

Package gap-doc

Package gap-float

Package gap-gapdoc

Package gap-guava

Package gap-guava-bin

Package gap-guava-bin-dbgsym

Package gap-io

Package gap-io-dbgsym

Package gap-libs

Package gap-online-help

Package gap-openmath

Package gap-polycyclic

Package gap-prim-groups

Package gap-radiroot

Package gap-scscp

Package gap-small-groups

Package gap-small-groups-extra

Package gap-table-of-marks

Package gap-trans-groups

Package gapcmon

Package gaphor

Package gimp-gap

Package gimp-gap-dbgsym

Package gtk-sharp2-gapi

Package gtk-sharp3-gapi

Package libkf5gapi-data

Package libkf5gapi-dbg

Package libkf5gapi-dev

Package libkf5gapiblogger5

Package libkf5gapicalendar5

Package libkf5gapicontacts5

Package libkf5gapicore5

Package libkf5gapidrive5

Package libkf5gapilatitude5

Package libkf5gapimaps5

Package libkf5gapitasks5

Package libkgapi-dev

Package libkgapi1

Package libkgapi1-dbg

Package libkgapi2-2

Package libkgapi2-2-dbg

Package libkgapi2-2-dev

Package libpgapack-mpi1

Package libpgapack-serial1

Package libsynfigapp0

Package logapp

Package pgapack

Package python-gaphas