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You have searched for packages that names contain fte in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 49 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package fte

Other hits

Package afterstep

Package afterstep-data

Package afterstep-dbg

Package afterstep-dbgsym

Package doclifter

Package efte

Package efte-dbgsym

Package fte-console

Package fte-console-dbgsym

Package fte-dbgsym

Package fte-docs

Package fte-terminal

Package fte-terminal-dbgsym

Package fte-xwindow

Package fte-xwindow-dbgsym

Package fteproxy

Package fteqcc

Package gpdftext

Package libafterburner.fx-java

Package libafterburner.fx-java-doc

Package libafterimage-dev

Package libafterimage0

Package libafterimage0-dbgsym

Package libafterstep1

Package libafterstep1-dbgsym

Package libghc-lifted-async-dev

Package libghc-lifted-async-doc

Package libghc-lifted-async-prof

Package libghc-lifted-base-dev

Package libghc-lifted-base-doc

Package libghc-lifted-base-prof

Package libjs-sifter.js

Package libswiften-dev

Package libswiften2

Package node-after

Package pd-fftease

Package pd-fftease-dbgsym

Package perftest

Package perftest-dbgsym

Package python-fte

Package python-fte-dbgsym

Package r-cran-goftest

Package r-cran-goftest-dbgsym

Package r-cran-tufte

Package ruby-after-commit-queue

Package ruby-test-after-commit

Package sandsifter

Package wordpress-theme-twentyfifteen