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You have searched for packages that names contain bum in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 41 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package bum

Other hits

Package album

Package album-data

Package banshee-extension-albumartwriter

Package bumblebee

Package bumblebee-dbg

Package bumblebee-dbgsym

Package bumblebee-nvidia

Package bumprace

Package bumprace-data

Package bumprace-dbgsym

Package bumps-private-libs

Package bumpversion

Package ebumeter

Package ebumeter-dbgsym

Package ebumeter-doc

Package jumpnbump

Package jumpnbump-dbgsym

Package jumpnbump-levels

Package kphotoalbum

Package kphotoalbum-dbgsym

Package libibumad-dev

Package libibumad3

Package libibumad3-dbgsym

Package libumad2sim0

Package libumem2

Package libumem2-udeb

Package libumfpack5

Package libumfpack5-dbgsym

Package libumfpack5.6.2

Package libumlib-dev

Package libumlib0

Package libumlib0-dbgsym

Package libumockdev-dev

Package libumockdev0

Package libumockdev0-dbgsym

Package python-bumps

Package python-bumps-doc

Package python-plumbum

Package python3-bumps

Package python3-plumbum