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Exact hits

Package apertium

Other hits

Package apertium-af-nl

Package apertium-afr-nld

Package apertium-all-dev

Package apertium-anaphora

Package apertium-anaphora-dbgsym

Package apertium-apy

Package apertium-arg

Package apertium-arg-cat

Package apertium-bel

Package apertium-bel-rus

Package apertium-br-fr

Package apertium-ca-it

Package apertium-cat

Package apertium-cat-ita

Package apertium-cat-srd

Package apertium-crh

Package apertium-crh-tur

Package apertium-cy-en

Package apertium-dan

Package apertium-dan-nor

Package apertium-dbgsym

Package apertium-dev

Package apertium-dev-dbgsym

Package apertium-en-ca

Package apertium-en-es

Package apertium-en-gl

Package apertium-eng-cat

Package apertium-eng-spa

Package apertium-eo-ca

Package apertium-eo-en

Package apertium-eo-es

Package apertium-eo-fr

Package apertium-es-ast

Package apertium-es-ca

Package apertium-es-gl

Package apertium-es-it

Package apertium-es-pt

Package apertium-es-ro

Package apertium-eu-en

Package apertium-eu-es

Package apertium-eval-translator

Package apertium-fr-ca

Package apertium-fr-es

Package apertium-fra

Package apertium-fra-cat

Package apertium-fra-frp

Package apertium-get

Package apertium-hbs

Package apertium-hbs-eng

Package apertium-hbs-mkd

Package apertium-hbs-slv

Package apertium-hin

Package apertium-id-ms

Package apertium-ind-zlm

Package apertium-is-sv

Package apertium-isl

Package apertium-isl-eng

Package apertium-isl-swe

Package apertium-ita

Package apertium-kaz

Package apertium-kaz-tat

Package apertium-lex-tools

Package apertium-lex-tools-dbgsym

Package apertium-lex-tools-dev

Package apertium-lex-tools-dev-dbgsym

Package apertium-mk-bg

Package apertium-mk-en

Package apertium-mkd-bul

Package apertium-mkd-eng

Package apertium-mlt-ara

Package apertium-nno

Package apertium-nno-nob

Package apertium-nob

Package apertium-oc-ca

Package apertium-oc-es

Package apertium-oci

Package apertium-oci-fra

Package apertium-pol

Package apertium-pol-szl

Package apertium-por-cat

Package apertium-pt-ca

Package apertium-pt-gl

Package apertium-recursive

Package apertium-recursive-dbgsym

Package apertium-regtest

Package apertium-rus

Package apertium-rus-ukr

Package apertium-separable

Package apertium-separable-dbgsym

Package apertium-sme-nob

Package apertium-spa

Package apertium-spa-arg

Package apertium-spa-ast

Package apertium-spa-cat

Package apertium-spa-ita

Package apertium-srd

Package apertium-srd-ita

Package apertium-swe

Package apertium-swe-dan