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You have searched for amateur radio in packages names and descriptions in suite(s) stable, all sections, and all architectures (including subword matching). Found 78 matching packages.

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Package kel-agent

Package svxlink-calibration-tools

Package flmsg

Package hamexam

Package remotetrx

Package wsjtx-data

Package trustedqsl

Package svxlink-gpio

Package js8call

Package golang-github-k0swe-wsjtx-go-dev

Package chirp

Package svxreflector

Package python3-pyhamtools

Package qtel

Package qtel-icons

Package libasyncaudio1.6

Package libasynccpp1.6

Package uronode

Package libecholib1.3

Package flamp

Package xlog-data

Package wsjtx

Package fbb

Package libasynccore1.6

Package libasyncqt1.6

Package libasyncaudio-dev

Package libasynccore-dev

Package libasynccpp-dev

Package libasyncqt-dev

Package libecholib-dev

Package xdx

Package libflxmlrpc1

Package libflxmlrpc-dev

Package wsjtx-doc

Package libhamlib-doc

Package lua-hamlib2

Package python3-libhamlib2

Package lua-hamlib

Package python3-hamlib

Package tcl-hamlib

Package libhamlib-perl

Package ampr-ripd

Package libhamlib2-perl

Package libhamlib2-tcl

Package soundmodem

Package pyqso

Package svxlink-server

Package libhamlib-utils

Package libhamlib++-dev

Package libhamlib-dev

Package libhamlib4

Package libhamlib++4

Package flwrap

Package tlf

Package baycomepp

Package baycomusb

Package aprx

Package p10cfgd

Package libdsdcc-dev

Package dsdcc

Package xlog

Package libdsdcc1

Package ipip

Package aprsdigi

Package atlc

Package hamradio-nonamateur

Package canadian-ham-exam

Package astro-telescopecontrol

Package hamradio-satellite

Package radio

Package goodvibes

Package gr-rds

Package gkrellm-radio

Package rapid-photo-downloader

Package libgnuradio-rds1

Package owx

Package astro-radioastronomy

Package linpac