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You have searched for packages that names contain ruby1.8 in all suites, all sections, and architecture(s) powerpcspe. Found 33 matching packages.

Package libalgorithm-diff-ruby1.8

Package libaugeas-ruby1.8

Package libbsearch-ruby1.8

Package libdbd-odbc-ruby1.8

Package libdbd-pg-ruby1.8

Package libevent-loop-ruby1.8

Package libextlib-ruby1.8

Package libfcgi-ruby1.8

Package libfilesystem-ruby1.8

Package libflexmock-ruby1.8

Package libgeos-ruby1.8

Package libgooglecharts-ruby1.8

Package libhtree-ruby1.8

Package libmapscript-ruby1.8

Package libmerb-core-ruby1.8

Package libmerb-helpers-ruby1.8

Package libmixlib-log-ruby1.8

Package libnet-netrc-ruby1.8

Package libohai-ruby1.8

Package libpacket-ruby1.8

Package libqpid-ruby1.8

Package libqt4-ruby1.8

Package libramaze-ruby1.8

Package libraspell-ruby1.8

Package librrd-ruby1.8

Package libsamizdat-ruby1.8

Package libsetup-ruby1.8

Package libstfl-ruby1.8

Package libsvg-graph-ruby1.8

Package libsvn-ruby1.8

Package libtext-format-ruby1.8

Package libuconv-ruby1.8

Package libwirble-ruby1.8