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You have searched for packages that names contain osmo in all suites, all sections, and architecture(s) powerpcspe. Found 66 matching packages.

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Package osmo

Other hits

Package liblua5.1-cosmo0

Package libosmo-abis-dev

Package libosmo-netif-dev

Package libosmo-sccp-dev

Package libosmoabis5

Package libosmoabis5-dbgsym

Package libosmocodec-doc

Package libosmocodec0

Package libosmocore

Package libosmocore-dbg

Package libosmocore-dev

Package libosmocore-doc

Package libosmocore-utils

Package libosmocore6

Package libosmocore7

Package libosmoctrl0

Package libosmogb4

Package libosmogsm-doc

Package libosmogsm5

Package libosmomtp0

Package libosmomtp0-dbgsym

Package libosmonetif3

Package libosmonetif3-dbgsym

Package libosmosccp0

Package libosmosccp0-dbgsym

Package libosmosdr-dev

Package libosmosdr0

Package libosmosdr0-dbgsym

Package libosmosim0

Package libosmotrau1

Package libosmotrau1-dbgsym

Package libosmovty-doc

Package libosmovty3

Package libosmoxua0

Package libosmoxua0-dbgsym

Package lua-cosmo

Package osmo-bts

Package osmo-bts-dbgsym

Package osmo-dbgsym

Package osmo-sdr

Package osmo-sdr-dbgsym

Package osmo-trx

Package osmo-trx-dbgsym

Package osmocom-bs11-utils

Package osmocom-bs11-utils-dbgsym

Package osmocom-bsc

Package osmocom-bsc-dbgsym

Package osmocom-bsc-nat

Package osmocom-bsc-nat-dbgsym

Package osmocom-gbproxy

Package osmocom-gbproxy-dbgsym

Package osmocom-ipaccess-utils

Package osmocom-ipaccess-utils-dbgsym

Package osmocom-nitb

Package osmocom-nitb-dbgsym

Package osmocom-sgsn

Package osmocom-sgsn-dbgsym

Package osmose-emulator

Package osmose-emulator-dbgsym

Package osmosis

Package soapyosmo-common0.6

Package soapyosmo-common0.6-dbgsym

Package soapysdr-module-osmosdr

Package soapysdr0.6-module-osmosdr

Package soapysdr0.6-module-osmosdr-dbgsym