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XML/XHTML template library for Ruby

Amrita produces html documents from XML template and Ruby model data.

 * The template for amrita2 is a pure html/xhtml document without any
   special tag like <?...?> or <% .. %>

 * The template can be written by designers using almost any xhtml/xml

 * Need no change on Ruby code to change the view of _dynamic_ part
   (not only static part) of the template

 * The model data may be standard Ruby data, Hash, Array, String... or
   an instance of classes you made.

 * The output is controlled by _data_ not by logic. So It's easy to
   write, test, debug code. (Good for eXtreamPrograming)

Amrita2 mixes a template and model data up to a html document naturally matching the +id+ attribute of XML element to model data.

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