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Plugins for the Envisage framework

The EnvisagePlugins project includes a number of plug-ins for the Envisage framework that Enthought has found useful for building scientific applications. Envisage does not require that you use these plug-ins, but you may find them useful to avoid having to reinvent these particular wheels.

   * Workbench: Provides an application GUI window that supports
     views and perspectives, similar to the Eclipse IDE.
   * Action: Supports user-interaction command mechanisms, such as
     toolbars, menus, and buttons.
   * Single Project: Supports a project paradigm for saving
     application data, assuming an interaction model in which only
     one project can be open in the application at a time.
   * Text Editor: Provides a rudimentary text editor interface.
   * Python Shell: Provides an interactive Python shell within a
     Workbench-based application.
   * Debug: Provides the Frame Based Inspector from the ETSDevTools
     project as an Envisage plug-in

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