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Guess which LAN a network device is connected to

Guessnet is a non-aggressive network detection tool to use when moving a machine among networks which don't necessarily provide DHCP.

Guessnet takes in input a list of candidate network profiles, each of which includes a test description; then it runs all the tests in parallel and prints the name of the profile whose test was the first one to succeed.

Available tests are:

 * ARP probes to check for known hosts in the network
 * link beat check, to check if the interface is connected to anything
 * PPPOE check to see if there is a concentrator accessible via PPPOE
 * Checks provided by custom arbitrary scripts.

Guessnet can be used in either native mode or "ifupdown mode". In the latter case guessnet integrates nicely with ifupdown as a "mapping script".

Теги: Работа с аппаратным обеспечением: Ноутбук, Реализовано на: C++, Пользовательский интерфейс: interface::commandline, network::scanner, Роль: Программа, Область: Утилита, Цель: Сканирование

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