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Пакет: fonts-mph-2b-damase (001.000.dfsg.2+ds1-4)

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font with character ranges from Unicode 4.1

MPH 2B Damase is a SuperUnicode font, including ranges in Plane 1 and ranges added in the latest release of the Unicode standard (4.1). Some ranges added in the 4.1 release of the Unicode Standard. These ranges cover Tifinagh, Kharosthi, hPhags-pa, Old Persian Cuneiform, etc.

The support for some scripts is not complete because the font lacks contextual substitution (via OpenType tables) and composite glyphs, which are required to support Kharosthi and other scripts fully. Please read the Debian README for a fuller discussion of the problems this may cause.

Теги: Использовался при создании: Шрифт, Роль: Независимые данные, X Window System: Шрифт

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