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Пакет: libembryo1 (1.2.0-1)

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SMALL-based abstract machine (AMX) bytecode interpreter

Embryo is primarily a shared library that gives you an API to load and control interpreted programs compiled into an abstract machine bytecode that it understands. This abstract (or virtual) machine is similar to a real machine with a CPU, but it is emulated in software. The architecture is simple and is the same as the abstract machine (AMX) in the SMALL language as it is based on exactly the same code. Embryo has modified the code for the AMX extensively and has made it smaller and more portable. It is VERY small. The total size of the virtual machine code AND header files is less than 2500 lines of code. It includes the floating point library support by default as well. This makes it one of the smallest interpreters around, and thus makes is very efficient to use in code.

See also http://www.compuphase.com/small.htm for details on SMALL.

Теги: Реализовано на: C, Роль: Динамическая библиотека, Комплект приложений: Требуется дополнительный тег

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