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Пакет: libapache2-mod-qos (10.8-1)

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quality of service module for the apache2

This is a quality of service module (QoS) for the Apache web server implementing control mechanisms that can provide different priority to different HTTP requests.

It may be used to determine which requests should be served and which shouldn't in order to avoid resource oversubscription. The module collects different attributes such as the request URL, HTTP request and response headers, the IP source address, the HTTP response code, history data (user session and on per source IP address basis), the number of concurrent requests to the server (total or requests having similar attributes), the number of concurrent TCP connections (total or from a single source IP), and so forth.

Counteractive measures to enforce the defined rules are: request blocking, dynamic timeout adjustment, request delay, response throttling, and dropping of TCP connections.

Теги: Реализовано на: C, Роль: Модуль, Комплект приложений: Apache

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