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Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems

This package provides various plugins for Nagios compatible monitoring systems like Nagios and Icinga. It contains the following plugins:

  * check_backuppc (1.1.0): plugin for checking on the status of
    BackupPC backups
  * check_email_delivery (0.7.1b): plugin to monitor email delivery
    Some typical uses of this plugin include:
      - check SMTP server
      - check messages and quota on IMAP server
      - check email delivery loop
      - check auto-responder function
      - keep an eye on email lag
      - monitor automated mailboxes
      - check email-to-FTP or other special email gateways
  * check_haproxy (rev135): plugin check the HAProxy statistics url
  * check_hpasm (4.5.2): plugin to check the hardware health of
    HP Proliant Servers
    It either uses snmp or - if installed - the hpasm package locally.
    The plugin checks the health of
      * Processors
      * Power supplies
      * Memory modules
      * Fans
      * CPU- and board-temperatures
      * Raids
    and alerts you if one of these components is faulty or operates
    outside its normal parameters.
  * check_httpd_status (rev140): plugin checking Apache or Lighthttpd
    server-status page (using mod_status)
  * check_ipmi_sensor (3.1): IPMI Sensor Monitoring Plugin
    Plugin to monitor the hardware status (fan speed, temperaturs,
    voltages, power usage, ...) of a server using IPMI.
  * check_libs (520): plugin to report the usage of no longer existing
    libraries by running processes
  * check_lm_sensors (3.1.1): plugin to monitor hardware sensors
    and disk temperatures
  * check_memcached (1.2): plugin to check memcached instances
    It will give a critical message if a partiular memcached host is
    inaccessible and generate a warning if the hit/miss ratio falls
    below a given threshold or the number of evictions exceeds a given
    Hit/miss and evictions are measured over a 30 minute interval,
    using a memcached object to store the earlier statistics.
  * check_multipath (0.1.5): plugin to monitor the number of available and
    failed paths of multipath devices
  * check_mysql_health (2.1.7): plugin to check various parameters of a
    MySQL database
  * check_printer: plugin to check printer supply levels using SNMP
    It outputs performance data for all supplies
    found, for example toner and drum.
  * check_raid (rev1.119): plugin to check sw/hw RAID status
    The plugin looks for any known types of RAID configurations,
    and checks them all.
    - Adaptec AAC RAID via aaccli or afacli or arcconf
    - AIX software RAID via lsvg
    - HP/Compaq Smart Array via cciss_vol_status (hpsa supported too)
    - HP Smart Array Controllers and MSA Controllers via hpacucli
    - HP Smart Array (MSA1500) via serial line
    - Linux 3ware SATA RAID via tw_cli
    - Linux DPT/I2O hardware RAID controllers via /proc/scsi/dpt_i2o
    - Linux GDTH hardware RAID controllers via /proc/scsi/gdth
    - Linux LSI MegaRaid hardware RAID via CmdTool2
    - Linux LSI MegaRaid hardware RAID via megarc
    - Linux LSI MegaRaid hardware RAID via /proc/megaraid
    - Linux MegaIDE hardware RAID controllers via /proc/megaide
    - Linux MPT hardware RAID via mpt-status
    - Linux software RAID (md) via /proc/mdstat
    - LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS series via MegaCli
    - LSI MegaRaid via lsraid
    - Serveraid IPS via ipssend
    - Solaris software RAID via metastat
  * check_rbl (1.3.0): plugin to check if a server is blacklisted
  * check_snmp_environment (0.7): plugin to check various hardware statuses
    Using snmp the plugin is able to retrieve Fan, power-supply,
    voltage, temperature, card and module status and various other
    information from Cisco, Nokia, Blue Coat, IronPort,
    Foundry Network, Linux (using lm-sensors), Extreme Networks,
    Juniper Networks, HP ProCurve, Netscreen, Citrix NetScaler
    and Transmode Systems hardware.
  * check_ssl_cert (1.13.0): plugin to check the CA and validity of an
    X.509 certificate
  * check_webinject (1.69): plugin for testing web services
    It uses the WebInject Perl module for automated testing of
    web applications and web services. It can be used to check
    individual system components that have HTTP interfaces
    (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, AJAX, Servlets, HTML Forms,
    XML/SOAP Web Services, REST, etc).
  * check_whois (1.12): plugin to check for the expiration of a domain.
    The plugin may not yet work with all registrars, since their
    output formats differ or there is no expiration date in the
    whois output.
  * check_zone_auth (1.13): plugin to ensure that the authoritative nameservers
    for a given zone remain in sync.
  * check_zone_rrsig_expiration (1.10): plugin to check for expiration of
    signatures in dnssec-enabled zones.
  * dsa: plugins from the Debian System Administrators
    nagios plugins repository.
    * check_cert_expire: check for certificate expiration
      using openssl on the certificate file
    * check_dnssec_delegation: check for correct DNSSEC
    * check_entropy: check if there is enough entropy available.
    * check_packages: replacement for check_apt; needs a cronjob
      to update the apt database regularily
    * check_running_kernel: check if a system was rebooted after
      a kernel upgrade
    * check_soas: check SOA records
    * check_statusfile: deliver the content of a status file
      as check result

Some scripts and binaries need more packages installed to work, which is implemented as recommends.

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