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program to create 3D geometry from Python scripts.

pyFormex can be used to generate, transform and manipulate large geometrical models of 3D structures by sequences of mathematical operations. Unlike traditional CAD systems, pyFormex provides a powerful (Python based) scripting language as the basic user input, making it very well suited for automated and repeated (parametric) design procedures. It provides a wide range of operations on meshes, like STL type triangulated surfaces and FEA or CFD grids. Nurbs curves and surfaces are under development. pyFormex is often used to create models from medical scan images, or as a pre- and post-processor for Finite Element analysis programs. But it could just as well be used to just create some nice 3D renderings.

This package contains the pyFormex acceleration libraries for your architecture. Installing this package will dramatically speed up operations on large 3D models.

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