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Go vendor tool that works with the standard vendor file

govendor is a vendoring tool that fetches, annotates, and synchronizes dependencies for the Go programming language. It can be useful as a stand-alone tool even if it is not the primary vendoring tool. Inspection sub-commands such as "govendor list" and "govendor license" can be useful to find information on dependencies and their statuses. "govendor fetch" will update or add new dependencies directly from remotes. If you choose to not check in your dependency source code, use "govendor sync" to pull the correct revision into the vendor folder.

Frustrated by not being able to run "go test ./..." anymore? Run "govendor test +local" even if you do not use govendor elsewhere. Look into the different statuses that can be assigned to packages, they are useful. Still using godep or glock? Migrate them over including manifest file using "govendor migrate".

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