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TeX Live: Humanities packages

Packages for law, linguistics, the social sciences, the humanities, etc.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

 alnumsec -- Alphanumeric section numbering.
 arydshln -- Horizontal and vertical dashed lines in arrays and tabulars.
 bibleref -- Format bible citations.
 covington -- Linguistic support.
 dramatist -- Typeset dramas, both in verse and in prose.
 ecltree -- Trees using epic and eepic macros.
 ednotes -- Typeset scholarly editions.
 gb4e -- Linguistic tools.
 gmverse -- a package for typesetting (short) poems.
 jura -- A document class for German legal texts.
 juraabbrev -- Abbreviations for typesetting (German) juridical documents.
 juramisc -- Typesetting German juridical documents.
 jurarsp -- Citations of judgements and official documents in (German)
  juridical documents.
 ledmac -- Typeset scholarly editions in parallel texts.
 lexikon -- Macros for a two language dictionary.
 lineno -- Line numbers on paragraphs.
 linguex -- Format linguists' examples.
 liturg -- Support for typesetting Catholic liturgical texts.
 parallel -- Typeset parallel texts.
 parrun -- Typesets (two) streams of text running parallel.
 plari -- Typesetting stageplay scripts.
 play -- Typeset drama using LaTeX.
 poemscol -- Typesetting Critical Editions of Poetry.
 qobitree -- LaTeX macros for typesetting trees.
 qtree -- Draw tree structures.
 rtklage -- A package for German lawyers
 screenplay -- A class file to typeset screenplays.
 sides -- A LaTeX class for typesetting stage plays.
 stage -- A LaTeX class for stage plays
 tree-dvips -- Trees and other linguists' macros.
 verse -- Aids for typesetting simple verse.
 xyling -- Draw syntactic trees, etc., for linguistics literature, using xy-

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