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Пакет: xjed (1:0.99.19-2)

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editor for programmers (x11 version)

Jed is a small, fast (faster startup than xterm with bash), and powerful text editor.

Completely customizable with prepared emulation modes for Emacs, CUA (similar to KDE/Gnome/Openoffice), Borland-IDE, Brief, and EDT. Extensible in the S-Lang scripting language (with a syntax resembling C).

Editing functions: folding support; rectangular cut/paste; regular expression search/replace; incremental searches; search/replace across multiple files; multiple windows; multiple buffers; ...

Special modes (syntax highlight, indention, compile, ...) for Basic, C, C++, DCL, FORTRAN, IDL, Java, NROFF, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PostScript, Python, SH. Modes for markup languages include HTML and (La)TeX (with AUC-TeX style editing and BibTeX)

Tools: directory editor (dired); info (browse GNU info files); mail; rmail; ispell; shell mode; ...

The native X11 version provides improved mouse support, key configuration and X selection interaction. If no display is available, xjed falls back to text mode, thus there is no need to install both jed and xjed packages.

Additional tools and modes can be found in the jed-extra package.

Теги: Разработка программного обеспечения: Редактор исходных текстов, Реализовано на: C, Пользовательский интерфейс: Интерактивный, на основе вводимого текста, X Window System, Роль: Программа, Область: Приложение, Инструментарий интерфейса: X-библиотека, Цель: Редактирование, Работает с: Текст, X Window System: Приложение

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